Dear church family, this morning the US Embassy issued an official warning. It is dangerous to travel to Thailand for leisure or vacation purposes. 
Thailand needs our prayers. We are asking for your help now. In as many ways as God leads you to, please pray that God’s Good News will penetrate deep into every heart that is breaking under the increasing weight of sad news. 
We have sent a song to encourage the church family to pray together for Thailand. It is a “prayer song”. Every time you sing it, please consider it a “call” to lift your voice in praise and petition to God, that He will pour our His blessing and bring spiritual healing to the people of Thailand. In this way you can sing with understanding and in the power of the Holy Spirit together. We can sing and pray with one voice, requesting the same thing, that God would hear and answer our plea for His Holy Spirit to rain down and flood the Kingdom of Thailand at this very time.
Thank you for taking seriously your responsibility and privilege to pray.
The body of Christ in Thailand needs your prayers now more than ever because harvest is ready...
From our heart,
Mike & Marilee Kier
The Thai word for “to heal” can also be translated “to save”.
Chris Sorensen is singing the song “Rain”. He and his family are currently serving with AFM in Sarin, Thailand, near the border of Cambodia.