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His Way of Hope

What is “His Way of Hope”?

It’s a Christ-centered “full message” evangelistic series put together by ShareHim, happening at the Ellensburg SDA church starting Friday, March 30, 2012 at 7 p.m. Mark your calendar!

Who’s speaking?

Members of the KnowHim Group.

Why should I “mark my calendar” and plan to attend?

  • First, you will be personally encouraged. You don’t need your pastor to tell you that local and world conditions are far more disturbing than they’ve ever been. Everything we once relied on for earthly security is crumbling beneath us, and we will all be incredibly encouraged by hearing Scripture’s end-time predictions and promises.
  • Second, your nightly presence in our pews will be seen as a vote of confidence by those who are new to our sanctuary. “Wow, these meetings must be important,” they’ll say, “because a lot of people are showing up.” Third, those you’ve invited will have someone they know—you!

Will there be children’s meetings?

Yes, children will experience their own series titled “Truth 4 Youth” with age 9 as the upper age limit. (Children 10 and above will enjoy the “His Way of Hope” messages in the sanctuary with their parents.)

What can I do to get ready for “His Way of Hope”?

  • First, plan to unite in prayer by either attending the weekly prayer group on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm at the Ellensburg Church or by praying at home alone or with your family at a time that is best for you.
  • Second, create a “prayer list” containing the names of family, neighbors, co-workers, and others, who live in this area (especially those who have shown spiritual interest) and could potentially come to the meetings. Pray daily that you’ll have an opportunity to invite them, and that they’ll accept.

What should I pray for?

In your personal prayers, please pray

  1. that God’s reputation will be enhanced, and that His Son’s offer of salvation and life change will be accepted by many,
  2. that those on your prayer list will come to the meetings, see the face of a loving Heavenly Father and a self-sacrificing Savior, and accept His sacrifice for them.

How can I help?

  • First, We need someone to head the children’s program and volunteers to help in the children’s program each night.  Each night’s program is scripted so speakers follow right along with the script.  All are welcome to volunteer and we encourage the older juniors, earliteen, and youth to volunteer as well.  If interested please contact Jennifer Hudspeth 425-281-5412 or email
  • Second, We plan on having a prayer room each night of the seminar.  We need 3 or 4 volunteers each night to pray together while the meeting is in progress to uplift those who are hearing the message so as to bathe this seminar series in prayer.  If interested in volunteering for one of the nights please contact Melanie Keitzman 509-929-2234.  We will also be needing greeters each night.  Please prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you to help out with this series.